100 Person Deluxe Survival Kit


A 100 person, 3 day survival kit packaged in (15) 5 gallon containers and designed for the office or school. This comprehensive survival kit contains the most effective emergency supplies for emergency preparedness including the emergency food, water, lighting, radio, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare for all disasters. This deluxe kit also contains (5) Solar / Hand-Crank Powered Flashlight, Radio, Flashing LED Siren & Mobile Phone Charger with a universal adapter - just plug in your cell phone car charger to charge your phone using the hand-crank / Dynamo Power Generator.


(100) ER™ Food Bars - U.S. Coast Guard approved. 3 day supply for 1 person, 5 year shelf-life.

(300) Water Boxes with Straws - U.S. Coast Guard approved. 3 day supply for 1 person, 5 year shelf-life.

(250) ER™ Water Purification Tablets - To purify unsanitary water. One tablet purifies one liter of water.


(100) ER™ Emergency Blankets - Designed by NASA to retain 90% body heat.

(5) ER™ Emergency Tent - Comes with rope and instructions. A quick and effective shelter.

(5) ER™ Plastic Sheeting - Shelter-in-place for protection from contaminants. Easy to follow instructions.

(5) Roll Duct Tape - Great for various applications.


(5) ER™ Solar / Hand-Crank Powered Light, Radio, & Cell Phone Charger

(10) Shake Light - Emergency flashlight that you just shake to charge. Never needs batteries.

(25) ER™ Green Lightsticks - 12 hours of bright green light at the snap of a finger. 4 year shelf-life formula.

(5) ER™ Yellow Lightstick - 12 hours of bright yellow light at the snap of a finger. 4 year shelf-life formula.

(25) ER™ Emergency Candles - Each candle lasts 5 hours. Provides light and warmth.

(250) ER™ Waterproof Matches - Light after getting wet. Unique non-toxic formula.


(5) ER™ 200-piece First Aid Kit - 25 person OSHA recommended 1st aid kit.


(5) Safety Whistle - Blow loud for immediate rescue attention! Comes with lanyard.

(100) Dust Masks - Prevents dust and germ inhalation. Reduces risk of inhaling toxins.

(10) Pair Vinyl Gloves - Protects hands from infection. Maintains sanitary conditions. Comes inside 1st aid kit.

(10) Pair Work Gloves - Heavy duty with leather palm. Perfect for sifting through dangerous debris.

(5) Pry/Crow Bar 15"- A life-saving search and rescue tool for rescuing trapped diaster victims.

(1) ER™ Survival Guide - Complete guide to surviving any disaster.


(5) Snap-on Toilet Seat - Snaps on to container for use as a portable toilet.

(12) Sanitation/Toilet Bags - For use with container as a portable toilet.

(5) Package Toilet Chemicals - Maintain sanitary conditions by using with container, seat, and bags.

(100) Tissue Packs - Multi-task sheets to maintain sanitary conditions.

(15) ER™ 5 Gallon Bucket Container - Use with chemicals, seat, and bags as a portable toilet.

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