1 Year Essential Food Supply for 4


This package will feed a family of 4 for an entire year!
2,000 Calories per day.
2,941,290 Total Calories   


1 Chicken Breast- Uncooked
2 Yoders Bacon
2 Yoders Chicken Chunks
2 Yoders Beef Chunks
2 Yoders Ground Beef
2 Yoders Turkey
2 Yoders Shredded Pork
2 Yoders Pork Sausage
3 Freeze Dried Diced Turkey- Lindon Farms
3 Freeze Dried Ground Beef- Mountain House
3 Freeze Dried Diced Chicken
2 Peanutbutter


3 White Rice 30lb- Super Pail
1 Pinto Beans- Food for Health
2 White Flour Super Pail
2 Potatoes Flakes- 8lb- Future Essential
2 Oats -25lbs- Future Essentials
1 Potato Slices- Food For Health
2 Pilot Bread Crackers- Mountain House
1 Egg Noodles- American Family Supply
1 Hard White Wheat- 30lb- Future Essentials
1 Honey Almond Granola
1 Corn Bread Mix- Future Essentials

Fruits & Vegetables

2 Peas- Mountain House
2 Corn- Mountain House
2 Green Beans- Food For Health
2 Broccoli- Lindon Farms
2 Cauliflower- Lindon Farms
2 Freeze Dried Peaches Bucket- Food For Health
2 Diced Apple Bucket- Lindon Farms
2 Strawberries Bucket- Lindon Farms
2 Banana Bucket- Food For Health
1 Raspberries Bucket- Food For Health
1 Freeze Dried Cherries- Lindon Farms
2 Tomato Flakes Bucket- Food For Health

3 Butter- Redfeather
6 100% Milk- Grandmas Country
1 Real Colby Cheese- Future Essentials
2 Bega Cheese
5 Eggs- American Family Supply


1 Salt- 2lb
1 Ghee
2 Sugar
1 Brown Sugar
1 Granulated Honey
1 Cocoa Nibs- Future Essential

NOTE: Lindon Farms ships out to you fresh from the Lindon Farms factory within one to two weeks.

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