Loyalty Rewards 2021

2021 Buyers Club Reward Program

A new buyers-club-member rewards program is in effect from 
January 1 to December 31, 2021.

All annual club members in good standing are automatically enrolled. All member purchases from www.safecastle.com during the program period above count toward the accumulation of your reward points.

During this program, you can easily determine your current points that are accumulating by logging in to your account and totaling the dollar total of your purchases (any shipping costs you might have been charged are not included) made through the program period. Then multiply that total by .05. That is the number of points you are banking.

Note that we are not updating totals or providing regular reports of where you stand. If you need help determining your points total or you have questions, email us and we will get back to you with your up-to-date total.

Reward Prizes

Your points will be released during the month of January 2022. 

During April, you will be able email us and request reward point vouchers to be used toward one or more of the following select prizes. Your points must be redeemed during the month of April 2022 only.

It's that easy.

Aurora Fire Starter 2SA - 16 pts (spend at least $320 to earn 16 pts)

Renovo Trio 3-Stage Filter Straw - 20 points (spend $400)

Katadyn Hiker Pro - 40 points (spend $800)

Case of Bega Canned Cheese - 85 points (spend $1700)

NukAlert - 125 points (spend $2500)

Case of Canned Red Feather Butter - 125 points (spend $2500)

Case of Yoders Bacon in Cans - 130 points (spend $2600)

Venus Gas Mask - 135 points (spend $2700)

All-American Sun Oven - 155 points (spend $3100)

Katadyn Pocket - 230 points (spend $4600)

Paratrooper Folding Bike - 550 points (spend $11,000)

8 Cases Mountain House Food - 750 points (spend $15,000)

- Prizes are subject to change based on availability -