3D Shelter Model

3D models of our
50-foot Military-grade Fallout / Bomb Shelter ... 

This underground shelter is 50 foot long, 12 foot wide, and 8 foot tall. It has a walkway with stairs and handrails that lead into the shelter. There is a blast door at the base of the stairs followed by a vault door. The 18 foot entryway has a generator room and an airlock, all with very secure vault doors. There are removable steel panels in the airlock for further expansion of shelter. The body of the shelter has two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, living room, two bedrooms, storage area, and closet for the chemical and biological filtration system (large enough for 50 people). Further details are included on the following 3D models.

This shelter can be made smaller or larger to fit any needs or wants that you may have. We can add bedrooms, more storage, gun safes, beds ...the possibilities are literally endless.

All Shelters and Shelter designs are PATENT PENDING.

Above Walkway

This is a view of the walkway leading down into the shelter. The side of the walkway and ceiling of the shelter have been removed for illustration proposes only. You can see the stairs and handrails leading down. At the base of the stairs is our massive blast door followed by our vault door leading into the entryway.


This the view from the top of the walkway, leading down into the shelter. You can see the blast door at the base of the stairs.

Above Entryway

From the walkway we go into the entryway. To the right you see the generator room with a vault door. To the left you can see the airlock with vault doors. In the airlock you can see the removable, bolted on, steel panels for later expansion of shelter.

Generator Room

Standing in the entry way, this is the view into the generator room. Notice the very secure vault door.

Above Bathroom

Upon entering the main body of the shelter, the bathrooms are to ether side of the vault door entrance. Bathrooms feature, commode, sink, mirror, shower, and storage.


Standing in the bathroom.

Above Living Area

Above view of living area, kitchen area, dining area, and bathrooms.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Standing in the shelter, this gives you a view of the entrance into the main body of the shelter. Kitchen has everything that you need. Lots of cabinet space, drawers, sink, stove with oven, refrigerator, microwave, and even a coffeemaker. You can also see the dining area with table and chairs.

Living Area

View from just inside the entrance into the shelter's main body. This gives you another view of the kitchen and dining area. You can also see the living area with couch, big screen television, and entertainment center. You can see the hall leading back to the bedrooms, and storage room.

Above Bedrooms and Hall

Above view of hall, bedrooms, storage area, and biological and chemical filtration room. Storage room at the end of the hall offers lots of shelves for storage. At the back of the storage room is the biological and chemical filtration room.


This is another view of the hall leading to the bedrooms, storage room, and biological and chemical filtration room.

Bedroom 1

This is the first bedroom. Features a queen size bed and chest of drawers.

Bedroom 2

This is the second bedroom. Features two bunk beds, and a chest of drawers.

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