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Mandalorian Helmet from STAR WARS: The Black Series

Mandalorian Helmet from STAR WARS: The Black Series

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Step into a galaxy far, far away with the Mandalorian Helmet from the Star Wars: The Black Series. This meticulously fashioned headgear not only replicates the iconic design of the Mando helmet, but also packs an array of unique features that make it an irresistible addition to any Star Wars collection.

The Mandalorian Helmet boasts a removable tactical light, providing a practical function to this remarkable piece. Whether navigating through the dark corridors of a starship or exploring the mysteries of an alien planet, this tactical light offers needed illumination in any situation.

Product characteristics:

  • Removable tactical light

  • recommended age ‏ : ‎ 14 years and up

  • Interior welcome light FX

  • Made of plastic and electronics

  • Requires one AA battery

  • 10.63 x 11.81 x 11.02 inches; 3.75 Pounds

  • T-visored mask

  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

Upon donning this exquisite helmet, users are greeted by an automatic interior welcome light FX, delivering an immersive experience akin to stepping into the shoes of the galaxy's most formidable bounty hunter. Further enhancing this immersive experience are dual red interior lights that can be activated when the helmet is upside down, adding to its authenticity and appeal.

The Mando helmet is not just about aesthetics and special effects; it's also designed with comfort in mind. An adjustable fit system ensures the helmet can accommodate most head sizes, offering a snug and comfortable fit for extended wear.

Constructed from durable plastic and intricate electronics, this Mandalorian helmet stands 11 1/3” tall, 10 2/3” wide, and 11 1/3” deep. It's both a stunning display piece and a functional accessory for Star Wars fans. Please note that it requires one AA battery.

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