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Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags X 24 .in, 20 bags Per Case

Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags X 24 .in, 20 bags Per Case

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Flood Bags Absorb, Contain Divert Water

Quick Dam Flood Bags

Water Activated Flood Bags absorb, control, divert flood water Protect your home or property in times of flooding with Quick Dam sandless sandbags. They are ready to use. Just lie in place and let the water do the rest. Quick Dam Expanding Barriers and activate on contact with water. Growing in size to absorb, contain and divert problem water. Light weight and easy to use. Place in the path of problem water and prevent the water from entering your property. Stack multiple bags to increase wall height. Keep on hand for emergency situations. 


Water Activated Flood Bags, Rated #1 in Flood Control

Grows to 3.5in high in minutes, just get them wet

Use to control, contain & divert flood water

Ready to use, no sand or labor needed

Compact & Lightweight, stores away until needed

Use to protect doorways, garages, erosion control & more

Use indoors or out

Be Prepared & Be Protected- Keep Quick Dams on hand

Units grow to: 12in width x 24in long x 3.5in tall

Do NOT use with salt water, chemical reaction causes deflation

Absorb, Contain, & Divert Water  

Ready to use, no assembly required

Grows to full size of 3.5 inches high in minutes

Ongoing protection can last for months

5+ year shelf life

How to Use:

Place the Bags in the path of oncoming flood water.

As they come in contact with water, it will absorb through material & start to swell

Bags reach their full height of 3.5in in 10 mins if enough water is present.

If a rush of water is expected or you need to stack them, pre-soaking them is recommended.

Not for use with Salt water.

Quick Dams Have Many Applications

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Keep Water Out

Prevent Water Damage

Control and Divert Water

Many Other Uses

The Next Generation In Flood Protection

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Each Quick Dam Flood Bag grows to 1-ft x 2-ft x 3.5-in and 32-lbs

Each Quick Dam Flood Bag absorbs 4 gallons of water

Each Quick Dam Flood Bag replaces 32-lbs of sand

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