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NuManna MEGA Family Pack - A Wholesome Reserve of 3,360 Servings for Long-Term Security

NuManna MEGA Family Pack - A Wholesome Reserve of 3,360 Servings for Long-Term Security

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Are you searching for great-tasting, independently certified GMO-free long-term food storage to ensure your family has nutritious meals for up to 25 years? Look no further than the NuManna MEGA Family Pack.


Discover NuManna's MEGA Family Pack, a pinnacle in long-term storage food, providing great taste and nutritional security for up to 25 years. Independently certified GMO-free, vegetarian suitable, and crafted with high-quality ingredients, this pack is your solution for emergencies and everyday use.



Item Quantity
NuManna Family Packs 24 Packs
Total Servings per Kit 3,360 Servings
Lunch/Dinner Servings 2,832 Servings
Breakfast Servings 528 Servings

Serving Information

Aspect Details
Serving Quantity 3,360 servings in each 2 Person / 12 Month Kit
Kit Composition 24 NuManna Family Packs, each with 144 Servings
Breakfast Ratio 26 Breakfast Servings, 118 Lunch/Dinner Servings

Key Features

Key Feature Details
Dietary Suitability Vegetarian Suitable
Additives No MSG or High Fructose Corn Syrup
Sweetener No Added Aspartame
Shelf Life 25 Years

Technical Details

Technical Detail Description
Item Weight 66 Pounds
Brand Name NuManna
Model Name NuManna MEGA Family Pack Dehydrated Storage Food
Number of Items 3
Manufacturer NuManna
Part Number N-MFP


NuManna's Family Pack is meticulously crafted to cater to diverse tastes, suitable for both vegetarians and picky eaters. The kit features 118 servings of lunches and dinners, including comforting options like mac-n-cheese and potato soup. Additionally, there are 26 breakfast servings to start your day right.


The NuManna Family Pack can be enjoyed straight from the re-sealable Mylar bags or incorporated into larger meals. Easily augment it with meat or other items according to your preferences.

Emergency and Everyday Use:

Not just reserved for survival situations, this kit provides an immediate solution for short-term emergencies such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or financial crises like job loss. Your family can enjoy these high-quality meals now or keep them for extended periods, thanks to the long shelf life.

Value Proposition:

NuManna ensures that you get value for your investment, offering a remarkable ratio of 118 lunch/dinner servings to only 26 breakfast servings – the lowest in the industry. This Family Pack is not just food; it's a long-term food insurance plan for your family's security.

Quality Assurance:

NuManna stands out as the best in the market, providing high-quality food that remains enjoyable tonight or 30 years from now. No overpayment for excessive oatmeal or sugary drink mixes – just pure value for your money.

Invest in your family's future today with NuManna's Family Pack – simply the best long-term food storage money can buy. Don't compromise on food security; choose NuManna for peace of mind.

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Lauretta Huff
Looks good

Thanks for the less salty, organic version