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Grandmas Country Chocolate Drink #10 Cans

Grandmas Country Chocolate Drink #10 Cans

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Country Cream Chocolate Drink

Dutch Chocolate Drink, Country Cream® Powder, Non-Instant #10 Cans

Country Cream® Dutch Chocolate Drink mix is a JUST ADD WATER product. #10 steel enamel can.

This Powdered Chocolate drink is packaged in premium #10 cans, that have been enameled to protect against rust on the outside and to protect against loss of the wonderful natural flavor in the inside. Packaged with an oxygen absorber to remove the oxygen from the inside of the can and prevent oxidation and loss of nutrition. When stored in a cool dry place, the milk will be stable for as long as 10 years without loss of flavor and little loss of nutrition.

Why settle for less when you can have the very best?

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