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Future Essentials Dry Dog Food 6 cans

Future Essentials Dry Dog Food 6 cans

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Best dry dog food 

Item Weight 41 oz (1.16 kg) per can
Case Dimension 22 x 18 x 9 inches
Case Weight 246 oz (15 Pounds) (7 kg)
Number of items 6 Cans 
Can Size #10
Shelf Life
5 years

You should ensure your pet has plenty of fresh water and dry food in case of a disaster.

Feed your furry companion with Future Essentials Dry Dog Food! This complete and balanced diet, made with real meat and vegetables and free from artificial ingredients and preservatives, is highly digestible, so they'll benefit from their meal most.

Dry Dog Food is ideal for pet parents on the go who want to feed their dog a high-quality, nutritional meal without spending hours preparing it in the kitchen. Just open a can and feed! Your dog will enjoy a long and healthy life.


  • Complete and balanced nutrition for all ages and breeds

  • High in protein and energy for active dogs

  • Highly digestible for maximum nutrient absorption

  • Free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives

American Red Cross recommends:

  • Each pet should have food and water for at least three days and a manual can opener.

  • Depending on the pet, a waterproof container for medications and medical records, a first aid kit, and a pet first aid book are also recommended. Newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags, grooming items, and household bleach may also be helpful.

  • Transporting your pets safely and securely requires sturdy leashes, harnesses, and carriers. The carrier should be large enough for your pet to turn around, lie down, and stand comfortably. You may need to keep your pet in the carrier for a while. If your pet is more minor, ensure you have a secured cage with no loose objects in it. You may need blankets or towels to provide bedding, warmth, and other unique items.

  • You can reduce stress by taking pet toys and the pet's bed.

  • For identification purposes and to prove ownership, you should keep current photos and descriptions of your pets.

  • If you need to board your pets or place them in foster care, you will need information about feeding schedules, medical conditions, and behavior problems.

It is recommended that you start with the standard chart shown below and vary according to your dog's needs.

Dog Size Weight Range Food Amount (cups)
Toy Breeds 5-15 lbs 1-2
Small 15-25 lbs 2-4
Medium 25-50 lbs 4-6
Large 50-80 lbs 6-8

Vacuum Sealed, Packed Fresh with Oxygen Absorber and Food Grade Desiccant Pack.

Feeding Suggestions:

The dog's feeding needs can vary depending on the breed, size, and activity level. You can moisten dry food with water, milk, or broth to meet the dog's preferences.

Before feeding your pet, remove the oxygen absorbent and Food Grade Desiccant Pack.

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place

Ingredients: Ground yellow corn, wheat mill run, meat and bone meal, animal fat, wheat, soybean meal, tomato pomace, salt, calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, vitamins A, D3, E, and B12, manganous oxide, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, niacin, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, biotin, copper sulfate, choline chloride, calcium iodate, and sodium selenite.

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