Emergency Survival Solar Blanket


Emergency Survival Solar Blanket
  • Compact, lightweight protection from the elements for 1 person
  • Retains 90% of your body heat
  • Complete thermal protection from rain and snow
  • Can be used as ground cover
  • Size: 84 inches x 52 Inches


This Emergency Survival Solar Blanket was initially developed for use by astronauts. The compact size allows you to keep one in your glove box, backpack, purse, desk at work – just about anywhere! Not only will this Emergency Blanket provide protection from rain, cold and wind, it can be used to collect rainwater, repel water off sleeping bags and also provide shade from the sun. Every earthquake kit, hurricane kit or any emergency preparedness kit should contain one of these Solar Blankets for each person in your family. The Emergency Survival Solar Blanket is a product from Mayday Industries, Inc., an industry leader in emergency preparedness supplies.

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