Red Feather

Red Feather Cremery Canned Butter 2 cans

$53.00 $72.00

  • RED FEATHER CANNED BUTTER: Better than grocery store butter, Sweet creamy butter with a pure, fresh taste, Each can contain 12 oz. /Can.
  • PACKAGING AND SAFETY: Sealed airtight for maximum freshness, their canned butter delivers convenience in the form of extended shelf life and easy distribution without the necessity of refrigeration, Shelf stable for 10 years, Imported from New Zealand. Shelf stable for 10 years.
  • MOST OF THE USE: It has also proven ideal for disaster preparedness, camping, boating, and remote areas where refrigeration is not freely available, Perfect for food storage, Best for your earthquake preparedness survival kit. Conveniently stackable cans.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: If you have been looking to add REAL butter - not powdered or freeze-dried - to your long-term food storage program, then look no further. This butter is imported from New Zealand and tastes better than any gourmet butter. Very long shelf life. No refrigeration necessary, Conveniently stackable cans, High-quality gourmet brand.
  • WHAT MAKE IT DIFFERENT: Another great quality is its list of ingredients: pasteurized cream and salt. That’s it. No preservatives, food colorings, or chemicals of any kind. Just naturally made wholesome butter from down under. Certified Halal and hormone less, Creamy made with only 2 ingredients Pasteurized Cream and Salt, Date Printed on the Cans is the Manufacture date and not the Expiration date.

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