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Future Essentials Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety - Case (12 Cans)

Future Essentials Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety - Case (12 Cans)

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Canned Freeze dried vegetables bulk

Mfg. Date: 2023

Case Dimension 21 x 17 x 9 inches
Case Weight 55 oz (3.4 Pounds) (1.5 kg)
Number of items 12 Cans 
Can Size #2.5
Shelf Life
25 years

This product is ideal for individuals seeking an easy and nutritious way to prepare for emergencies, such as natural disasters or power outages. This lightweight food source also makes a fantastic camping, backpacking or hiking companion.

Technical Details:

  • Various vegetables cans are included with an extended shelf life of 25+ years.

  • Easy preparation requires adding water.

  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are used.

Future Essentials Freeze Dried Long Shelf Storage Emergency Food Vegetable Variety is the ideal way to be prepared for an emergency or outdoor adventure. This variety pack features 12 cans of freeze-dried vegetables such as Spinach, Green Peas, Carrots, Corn, Bell Pepper, and Green Onion- each boasting a shelf life of 25+ years! Added water and cooked as directed on the package. It contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Prepare for an emergency like a natural disaster, camping trip or hiking expedition by stockpiling nutritious and delectable freeze-dried vegetable varieties. Lightweight yet sturdy construction makes this emergency food assortment convenient to carry along on trips or outings.

Each Veggie Case Includes:

  • 2 Freeze Dried Spinach 2 ounces #2.5 Can

  • 2 Freeze Dried Green Peas 5.5 ounces #2.5 Can

  • 2 Freeze Dried Carrots 6.9 ounces #2.5 Can

  • 2 Freeze Dried Corn 4.5 ounces #2.5 Can

  • 2 Freeze Dried Bell Peppers 6.9 ounces #2.5 Can

  • 2 Freeze Dried Green Onion 1.2 ounces #2.5 Can

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place

Order your 12-can variety pack today and be prepared for anything!

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