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Berkey Pf-2 Fluoride/Arsenic Replacement Filters

Berkey Pf-2 Fluoride/Arsenic Replacement Filters

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Berkey Pf-2 Fluoride And Arsenic Reduction Elements

Give your family the gift of cleaner, healthier water with genuine Berkey PF-2 reduction elements. Designed specifically for Black Berkey purification elements, PF-2 filters act as a powerful post-filter, removing even more unwanted contaminants from your drinking water.

what PF-2 filters do:

Target and eliminate fluoride (up to 99.75% reduction).
Effectively remove arsenic, including both V and pre-oxidized Arsenic III, for comprehensive protection.
Reduce other residual heavy metal ions, ensuring a cleaner, purer taste.

Compatible with all popular Berkey models:

Big Berkey
Travel Berkey
Berkey Light
Royal Berkey
Imperial Berkey
Crown Berkey

Each set of PF-2 filters lasts for an impressive 1,000 gallons, ensuring long-lasting filtration performance. Don't settle for ordinary water, upgrade your Berkey system today!

(Please Note: PF-2s work with Black Berkey elements. If you have ceramic filters, you'll need PF-4 elements.)

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Customer Reviews

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Happy hydrating

I recently bought a Big Berkey filter and 2 fluoride filters after learning that I have a high heavy metal toxic load in my body and that fluoride blocks the receptor for thyroid hormone in cell membranes, along with all the other damage it causes. I had been drinking Brita filtered water for decades, but never did the research to find out exactly what it does and does not filter, nor did I have any idea how damaging were those toxins that were still in the Brita filtered water I was drinking. I have been experiencing fatigue and some inflammatory pain, and my blood sugar levels had crept up to around 100 fasting, even though I am of normal weight and very physically active. I have learned that these symptoms can in part be due to cellular overload of toxic metals, glyphosate, and other poisonous compounds in and around us. I have begun to work on several areas of my diet and lifestyle, including fasting and chelation therapy to remove the toxic metals. It is an indescribably huge relief to know that the water I now drink (upwards of a gallon a day, since I work outdoors), is free of these toxic compounds so that I am not re-introducing through my drinking water the very same poisons I am working so hard to remove. The water tastes so good, that my work crew asks me to provide them with water every day now as well, preferring it over the processed drinks they had been using for hydration (yuk!). I'm encouraging them to get their own Berkey.

Thanks for providing such a wonderful, affordable resource!