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AquaDrum 55 Gallon - Sagan Life Water Filter

AquaDrum 55 Gallon - Sagan Life Water Filter

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The sagan life water filter is a pressurized system. Simply use the hand pump and add air pressure to the drum. You can also use other pumps such as an electric pump, foot pump or a bike pump. The pressure then forces the water through the filter, up the tubing and out the spigot. The spigot is an easy open/close valve. Now you can drink safe water and it was easy to do.


Filters and purifies up to 250 gallons of water (that's 4.5, 55-gallon drums)

Removes Virus, Bacteria, Giardia, Cryptosporidium

Flow Rate - 1 gallon every 3 minutes

Filter can be dried out for storage and used again

Fits all 55, 30 and 15-gallon water storage drums

Makes the filtered water taste better

Aquaveritas tested and certified


  • One 250-gallon water filter

  • One Filter Cap

  • One Sealed Cap

  • Hand Pump

  • Spigot

  • Tubing

Pumping water from your water barrel couldn't be easier! 

Drum Not Included

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