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Yoders Canned Bacon, 9 Ounce

Yoders Canned Bacon, 9 Ounce

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Yoders Canned fully Cooked Bacon 9 Ounce

Yoders Canned Bacon is the highest quality fresh #1 bacon slice. Each can contain between 40 and 50 slices of fully cooked and drained bacon, made using 2-3/4 to 3-1/4 pounds of raw bacon. All production is done in the U.S.A., with the careful curing, cooking and hand-wrapping processes ensuring an outstanding final product.

Yoders Bacon is an ideal way to prepare for your next outdoor excursion or long-term food storage plan. Its long shelf life of over 10 years makes it perfect for stocking up on and ensuring you have a tasty snack when out camping, hiking, or hunting.

Don't forget to add Yoders Bacon to your emergency supplies today!

We cook Yoder's Canned Bacon down for you before canning so that you won't incur the expense of natural shrinkage that occurs when cooking bacon. We carefully drain off all fat and liquid and can it fresh for a taste as delicious out of the can as out of the refrigerator.

100% USDA Bacon, Packed in the U.S.

  • - Do not refrigerate before opening
  • - Ideal for emergency storage
  • - Perfect for camping, hiking or hunting
  • - Contains approximately 50 slices per can
  • - Enjoy a 10+ year shelf life
  • - Compact and lightweight at only 4.5" high, 3" wide and 9 oz. in weight


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