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MotoTec 48v 1000w Electric Powered Mini Bike Black

MotoTec 48v 1000w Electric Powered Mini Bike Black

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Meet the electric mini-motorcycle MotoTec 48v.! An essential part of your childhood, only safer and easier to use. Equipped with a 1000W brushless electric motor and a reliable chain drive. The large front light, key start and torsion gas lever ensure safety while travelling. With a durable steel frame and substantial knobby tires, this mini motorcycle is built to take on the most challenging trails.


  • Type: Permanent Magnet Brushless

  • Power: 48v 1000w


  • Type: Sealed Lead Acid

  • Voltage: 48v

  • Capacity: 12ah (Four 12v/12ah)


  • Top Speed: 20mph (3 selectable speeds)

  • Run Time: 2 hours (weight dependent)

  • Distance Per Charge: 25 miles (weight, terrain dependent)

  • Charge Time: 8 hours (when fully drained)


  • Throttle: Twist

  • Key: Yes

Frame and Build:

  • Frame: Steel

  • Transmission: Chain Drive

  • Front & Rear Wheels: 145/70-6

  • Brakes: Rear Disc

  • Suspension: Ridged


  • Front Headlight: LED

  • Rear Brake Light: LED


  • Max Rider Weight: 185 lbs

  • Seat Height: 26 inches

  • Wheelbase: 42 inches

  • Min Ground Clearance: 6 inches

Weight and Size:

  • Box Weight: 117 lbs

  • Box Size: 39x15x25 inches

  • Mini Bike Weight: 99 lbs

  • Mini Bike Size: 57x27x37 inches


  • 30 days parts replacement

The MotoTec 48v 1000w electric mini bike offers safe and exciting adventures on any type of terrain. Make your ride unforgettable with this reliable and robust mini motorcycle. Order now and get the opportunity to see the world from a new perspective!

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