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Future Essentials Canned Quinoa - (Case of 12 cans)

Future Essentials Canned Quinoa - (Case of 12 cans)

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#2.5 / 22 oz

Quinoa is loaded with protein, about 17%, which is more than any other grain available! This grain is also high in iron, calcium, potassium and other valuable nutrients and most commonly used as a substitute for rice in many recipes. 

Quinoa has been dated to approximately 3000 BC. The word "quinoa" is pronounced "KEEN-wah" and comes from the Spanish word quinua. Quinoa is naturally gluten free and can be substituted in place of rice in many recipes. 

You can enhance flavor by adding freeze dried cornsmall red beans (cooked), mirepoix, and vegetables to the quinoa.


Shelf Life
25 years

Ingredients: Quinoa. Product of Peru

Cooking Simple Instructions:

1 cup Quinoa in 2 Cups of boiling water or Chicken Broth

1Tbsp of oil or butter, 
1/2 tsp of salt, 

Simmer covered on low for 18-20 minutes, remove from heat, lets sit for five minutes


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