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Future Essentials Canned Natural Sucanat - (Case of 12 cans)

Future Essentials Canned Natural Sucanat - (Case of 12 cans)

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#2.5 / 20 oz

The sweet taste of sugar is an unavoidable part of our eating habits. Unfortunately excessive consumption of refined white sugar may lead to health risks. Thus various relatively healthier alternatives have been invented and made to replace ordinary sugar, such as SuCaNat (Sugar Cane Natural).

Natural Sucanat contains 100% of the cane's natural molasses in each granule. It has rich flavor and dissolves quickly. Unlike refined and processed white cane sugar and brown cane sugar, Sucanat retains its molasses content. It is essentially pure dried sugar cane juice. 

Sucanat is superior to refined white sugar or even less refined brown sugar because it carries all the nutritional benefits found in molasses: potassium, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin A. Since Sucanat is just as sweet as sugar you can pick up any recipe and replace the ordinary sugar ingredient with the same amount of this sweetener. If you want to take advantage of the minerals and electrolytes as well as the energy boost of the sugar in Sucanat, use it to sweeten your homemade power shakes or smoothies. Beverages such as these will be perfect in survival and/or disaster situation.

Shelf Life
25 years

Ingredients: Sugar Cane Juice and Molasses. Product of Costa Rica

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