Some interesting details about Ahsoka Tano

Some interesting details about Ahsoka Tano

Everything about Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano is a fairly well-known character in the Star Wars franchise. She has appeared in comics, animated series and games. And last year, the character made his live-action debut in The Mandalorian.

In The Mandalorian, Rosario Dawson played the role of Ahsoka Tano. And the actress will continue to play this role, already in her own show, which is expected on the Disney+ service.

Despite her frequent appearances in the Star Wars franchise, some details about Ahsoka remain hidden from most.

1. Initially, Ahsoka had a different name.

When the show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" was already in development, they wanted to name the heroine Ashla. But George Lucas insisted that her name be Ahsoka and that she be Anakin's student.

George Lucas named the heroine in honor of the Indian Empress, Ahsoka the Great.

2. Her race is more susceptible to force.

The Togruta race is more susceptible to force. They value tribal unity and put others before themselves. And their montrals, on their heads, pick up ultrasonic waves.

3. She fought Darth Maul twice.

The Jedi fought Darth Maul twice. And for fans who closely follow the franchise's animated projects, this shouldn't come as a surprise. One of their duels took place in Rebels, the other in The Clone Wars.

4. Ahsoka Tano could have killed Darth Maul.

During a duel in the animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", the heroine managed to disarm Darth Maul. And she almost killed the Sith, but chose to save her comrade.

5. Ahsoka's last meeting with Anakin was before Palpatine was rescued.

Ahsoka's last meeting with Anakin took place before her master rushed to save Palpatine. The next time the student saw her teacher was when Anakin had already become Darth Vader.

6. Ahsoka faked her own death.

To escape the Empire after Order 66 was put into effect, she faked her own death.

7. She left the Jedi Order.

When Ahsoka was blamed for the incident at the Jedi Temple, she was forced to leave the Order for a time.

Anakin proved her innocence, and the Jedi were ready to take her back, but the heroine refused. Only after Bail Organa's convincing did Ahsoka return to the Jedi Order.

8. Ahsoka used the force to turn her lightsabers white.

The spirited heroine left her swords to fake her death. And to make new swords, she needed Kyber crystals. When she got to the kyber crystals, they were bloodied by a representative of the dark side of the force. After defeating her opponent, Ahsoka had to use the force to purify the crystals and turn them white instead of red.

9. She is able to disable lightsabers using the force.

Ahsoka is able to disable her opponents' lightsabers using the force. Very few Jedi are capable of this.

10. Monrals can only be worn by those who have defeated the Shark.

On Ahsoka's home planet, the Togruta are being terrorized by the Sharks. And those Togruta who faced the Shark alone and defeated the monster have the right to wear Monrals.

11. Ahsoka fought Darth Vader.

Ahsoka not only fought Darth Vader, but was almost on par with the powerful Sith. In the battle, the heroine was even able to tear off half of his mask.

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