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Camping and Glamping: What's the Difference?

Camping or backpacking has been around for thousands of years. Going out into nature with tents remains a popular form of leisure. The concept of "glamping" appeared relatively recently. Glamping combines the words camping and glamour, that is, glamorous camping. In other words, it's camping with all the amenities, not just a tent and a sleeping bag. Glamping usually involves more luxury and almost hotel-like comfort. And, of course, all sorts of entertainment besides reading a book with a flashlight - barbecue, cycling, and great views for photos on social networks.

What is glamping?

The term "glamping," coined in the late 1990s or early 2000s, combines "glamour" and "camping." This phenomenon is believed to be related to the development of the Internet. When vacationers had access to the Internet in campsites, glamping was born. However, this is only one aspect. As we said above, glamping is outdoor recreation in maximum comfort conditions. Each person himself determines what comfort is for him. Still, this generally includes a bathroom, air conditioning, gourmet food, and everything considered beautiful and comfortable.

A sleeping bag and a cozy fire under the stars are not glamping. This is good old camping or, as we call it in America, camping with tents. In Europe, camping is more comfortable than just going out into nature. Many people travel in their campers (motorhomes), for which a particular infrastructure has been prepared with parking and basic amenities. In USA, camping is much simpler and less comfortable, and glamping can be classified as a luxury vacation category with accommodation in comfortable tents or prefabricated designer buildings.
Of course, glamping existed long before the advent of the Internet and portable electronics, but it was prohibitively expensive. Wealthy people could afford such a vacation—for example, monarchs who organized outdoor trips with their entire entourage and surrounded themselves with royal surroundings. Now, the situation is entirely different.

10 differences between camping and glamping:

What will you live in?

Camping: You must take a tent and set it up where you want.
Glamping: You will live in nature but in a separate building with amenities such as a refrigerator, electricity, and a bathroom.

Where will you sleep?

Camping: In a sleeping bag that you place on your tent's floor (ground).
Glamping: This could be a comfortable double bed with clean sheets under a transparent dome overlooking the starry sky.

Where will the toilet be?

Camping: Choose any tree you like because camping is the best place to be one with nature :)
Glamping: You will have a well-equipped bathroom.

How will you cook?

Camping: Gathering firewood, building a fire, and cooking fish soup in a pot is a great way to have fun while camping.
Glamping: You can grill your food or visit the restaurant on the glamping site.

How will you wash?

Camping: You may not need to wash for a couple of days. But if you care about hygiene, take wet wipes with you or set up camp on the banks of a river.
Glamping: You will have fully functional bathrooms, usually with a good shower. Some glamping sites offer spa treatments.

How to drink a cup of coffee at breakfast?

Camping: While camping, you can boil water for morning tea and coffee over a campfire.
Glamping: A set of tea and coffee, including an electric kettle, will most likely be found in your cabin.

How will you escape the heat and cold?

Camping: There are several ways to control the temperature in your tent. You can open or close the tent's zipper, use a lighter or thicker sleeping bag, or wear lighter or warmer clothing.
Glamping: Most glamping cabins have air conditioning and heating.

Where will you store your items/supplies?

Camping: When you set up camp, you must either hang your supplies high off the ground or put them in your car to discourage nosy neighbors.
Glamping: You place all your belongings in your cabin when you go glamping. You will have a refrigerator for food and a chest of drawers for clothes.

How will you get water?

Camping: You must find the nearest clean stream to replenish your water supplies. But it is better to boil this water.
Glamping: Most glamping sites have a filtered water source.

Who will be your neighbors?

Camping: You never know what furry and feathered creatures you'll encounter while camping.
Glamping: You also never know who you'll meet while glamping and many people make lifelong friends there.

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