Prepare My Life

Prepare My Life Emergency Preparedness Planner


Step-by-step emergency preparedness plan that also houses your important documents for easy grab & go urgency. 

Includes tabs, forms, folders, pages, pockets, and pouches to keep everything organized. Also includes CD, pen, and calculator in a secure zip-up binder. 

The Prepare My Life Planner guides you through an easy step-by-step preparedness plan that will

* Empower family members how to react in an emergency
* Assist you in making critical emergency preparations
* Organize and store your vital records and important documentsEach section of the binder has a detailed list of items to include and contains the necessary tabs, forms, folders, pages, pockets, and pouches needed to keep everything organized and easy to find. 
* Emergency contact information, cash, keys, maps, destination planning, family pictures, computer files, birth certificates, insurance documents, titles and deeds, wills and trusts, investments, burial arrangements, and much more all housed in one convenient and secure binder.  
* A complete preparedness plan that is not only easy to follow but also one that you won’t want to be without!"

What I love about the Planner is that it is a central location for my emergency information as well as my important documents. I love how organized I feel and how easy it is to find what I need. I must be an impatient person by nature because when I need something I like it to be readily at my fingertips (like our social security cards, immunizations, birth certificates, insurance information, etc.). I also love how secure and portable it is. It comes in a zip up binder with lock and key and can easily be taken on the go in the event of an emergency."

Someone might ask, why don’t you have it all digital? Digital information is the way of the future. Great idea! That's why all of the forms are online and can be filled out and downloaded. However, don’t forget the importance of HARD COPIES. Some documents are not recognized in digital form. You must have the originals like passports, birth certificates, social security cards, titles, deeds, etc. Further, in a widespread disaster how likely will you be able to access your digital information? Plus, you must store these original documents somewhere. Why not in an organized binder that is readily accessible? A safe deposit box is great for some items but in the event of an evacuation the last place you want to be is a bank (or a gas station or a grocery store). You want to be prepared enough to get out of Dodge before anyone else.

One more HUGE advantage: If something does happen to you, your information will be organized and someone can take care of your affairs. Does someone besides you know if you have life insurance or more than one life insurance policy? Or, do they know if you have already purchased a burial plot? Or if you want to be a donor? Or even what financial accounts and investments exist and how they should be handled? Yes, this information is not only crucial in the event of a widespread disaster but also in the event of a family emergency such as a death. And in the meantime, if neither of those events happen, you have everything organized, in a central location and easily accessible when you need it.

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