Door Devil Premium


Stop Burglars. Reinforce your entire doorway in 30 minutes. Premium Brown provides professional and seamless presentation for stained doorways.

Security Weakness | Home Door Security

Without a Door Devil™ - your home has a critical security weakness.
With "Smash & Grab" tactics, burglars are IN/OUT of your home in minutes. Police simply can't respond that quickly.

Alarms Don't Stop Kicks
Nearly 70% of burglars enter by kicking or forcibly breaching your door.
Unfortunately, many homeowners spend hundreds on security & alarm systems but neglect the place they will be attacked - the door.

48" steel door frame reinforcement security unit + (9) heavy 3.5" screws provide the toughest home door security.Engineered with a unique 45 degree edge, Door Devil™ can withstand greater kick force while also making the door easier to close.

The Door Devil™ installs directly on to your door frame with no need to dismantle the door frame, casing or hardware. The unit fits all standard doors. Two additional larger eyelets accommodate a 2nd deadbolt with no a need to modify the unit.
We even provide the correct drill bit to make the door security upgrade quick and easy.

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