AEB OX V3 Generator


The AEB OX V3 is designed to be a stand-alone system. It is a powerful compact generator that can be stored in the garage and easily taken inside your home or business.

Internal 3,000 Watt Inverter 
(6,000 Watt Surge)

Internal Solar Charge Controller (Charges system in approximately 6 to 8 hours depending on the amount of sum) 
(Can handle 140V and up to 40A of solar input)

110V AC Charger (This system comes with a 2 bank charger which will charge three batteries in the same time most charges charge a single 100 AH battery. Charges system in 8 hours)

Electric Fan All of the systems were designed to be portable so they can be used outside for camping, hunting and other similar activities. Since the inverter can produce some heat we install a fan that automatically turns on when the system is in use. This allows the generator to be used with the lid closed without the threat of overheating.

2-Electrical Outlets
1-Anderson Connector Port for Solar Cable
1-12 Volt Accessory Outlet

1-USB Port
(1)  50” Cable (Anderson Connector on one end and standard MC4 Connectors on the other.

Note: This system does not include solar panels. You may want to purchase those separately.

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