Chef's Banquet

Chef's Banquet Expect More Food Storage Basics 336 Servings

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    • Parboiled Long Grain White Rice (46 Servings)   
    • Hard Red Wheat (46 Servings)
    • Pre-cooked Pinto Beans (44 Servings)
    • Quick Cook Rolled Oats (92 Servings)
    • Potato Flakes (108 Servings)
    • All items are individually sealed in high quality metalite pouches with oxygen absorbers in each pouch to ensure freshness, nutritional quality and maximum shelf life
    • 6 gallon bucket
    • 336 Total Servings
    • Net Weight 20.45 lbs.

* Shelf-life - up to 25 years – if stored in a cool, dry environment
Shipped in discreet packaging.

*For best taste and nutritional value, use product before:
  • 25 years of manufacturing date when stored at 60 F (16.6 C)
  • 10 years of manufacturing date when stored at 70 F (21.1 C)

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