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MRE STAR Meals with Heater (12 MRE Meals)

MRE STAR Meals with Heater (12 MRE Meals)

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The MRE Star complete military meal box is a great cautionary solution for outdoor adventurers or for those of you who always want to be prepared for the worst. It includes 12 complete meals with a medium calorie intake that can help to keep you healthy during an emergency. Why is this product for you? These premium survival meals are lightweight, compact, and very easy to store without refrigerating. The pack contains an assortment of meals, snacks, candy, and flavorful drink mix that are tasty and easy to prepare using the FRH included in the set. These MRE kits have an extended shelf life of 3-5 years. Some of the amazing features of this product: Premium MRE survival food; Each case contains 12 individual MREs; Lightweight and compact; Shelf life: 3-5 years; Fully cooked meals; Refrigeration not required; Packed in strong, airtight bags.


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