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Folding Bike Montague

Montague Folding Bikes are a great way to get around town and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re commuting, running errands, or out for a leisurely ride, Montague bikes offer an easy-to-ride experience that’s great for all kinds of riders. The lightweight aluminium frame and quick-release levers make folding and unfolding simple and fast so you can take your bike wherever you go.

In addition to reliable shifting, Montague bikes come with a wide range of gearing options, disc brakes for improved stopping power in any condition, adjustable handlebars and stem, rust-resistant stainless steel hardware throughout, and racks that can be used to mount panniers or baskets. Plus, they all fold up in a convenient package that fits in any trunk or closet.

Montague folding mountain bikes are designed to tackle trails while still being light enough to carry around town - as well as road/commuter cycles tailored for speed on pavement yet capable of tackling dirt roads should the need arise. All Montague models have undergone extensive testing under various riding conditions by their experts before hitting store shelve. so, you know your bike will perform no matter what kind of terrain you might encounter!

Montague Bike FAQs 

1. Is the Montague Folding Urban Bike a Mountain Bike

No, It is designed for urban riding and commuting rather than off-road cycling.

2. How to Fold Montague Bike?

first, remove the front wheel, then lower the frame so it rests on the rear wheel. Pull back and out on the handle post to fold it down until it is parallel with the frame. Finally, attach the front wheel to the folded frame using the provided straps.

3. Where are Montague Folding Bikes Made?

It is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. U.S.
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