Kelly Kettle

Woof 'Em Stick

$9.99 $15.99

Move over Smores - Woof 'Ems are here and we're taking campfire cooking to a new level. Wrap store bought biscuit dough around the 'cup' of your Woof 'Em Sticks and toast over a campfire, barbecue pit, outdoor fire pit or a propane stove. Fill with pulled pork, topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream. How about your favorite white chicken chili recipe or do breakfast over the campfire and fill with scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon. Then serve quick and easy desserts everyone will have fun toasting and filling with all their favorites. Lemon, cherry and blueberry pie filling, vanilla, chocolate & butterscotch puddings, fresh fruit, even a quick scoop of ice cream. Always be sure to top with a huge dollop of whipped cream! Let us know if you were able to WOOF just one. The most adventurous usually have at least three!

Product Specs:

Woof'Em Stick - 28.5" long

Cup Diameter - 2.25" at widest point, 1.5" at end

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