Kelly Kettle

Hobo Stove

$11.00 $42.50

Place the Hobo Stove accessory onto your stainless steel firebase for safe & efficient outdoor cooking.

The small Hobo Stove fits onto the fire-base of the 'Trekker' Kettle.

    • Safe, easy and fun to use. 
    • Creates stable cooking surface for a pot or fry pan keeping the fire safely contained within the unit.
    • Fuel efficient - Heat is directed toward the pot or fry pan on the top.
    • Works in all weather conditions.
    • Uses any solid fuel, such as twigs, dried grass, etc.  
    • Compact -easily packs away inside the Kelly Kettle fire-base
    • Durable - Made from stainless steel
    • Use anytime with or without the Fire Base when you need a surface for cooking. Simply place the Hobo Stove on the ground and build the fire inside

*While the Hobo can be used on an aluminum fire base, you run the risk of overheating the aluminum and ruining the base.  We recommend the Hobo Stove accessory be used with the Stainless Steel fire base only.

Dimensions: 11.7cm (4.6in.) at widest point, 10cm (4in.) cooking base, 4.7cm (1.75 in) height

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