Survival Cave Foods

Survival Cave Ground Beef Case -12 Cans(14.5 ounces each) / 60 servings

$190.00 $359.00

12 cans of 14.5 ounces each - Ground Beef

You will receive: 12 - 14.5 ounce cans / 1 full case, 60 servings

This canned beef is made from the same select cuts of meat that you have come to expect from Survivalcavefood, only it has been ground.

The same meat, all natural, no preservatives, no added water or broth, cooked slowly inside the can to provide you with an extended shelf life. All USA sourced meats and always USDA inspected for quality.

It is fully cooked and ready to heat and eat.

Extra Long Shelf life

Each of Survival Cave canned meats are prepared in a very different manner than most canned meats you can find. They are slow pressure cooked at a surprisingly .low 240 degrees and possess NO EXPIRATION date.  

You will get a total of 12 cans with 14.5 ounces in every single can, no water or broth added, simply the all-natural juices of the meat. Which is virtually 11 pounds of fresh mouthwatering healthy hand packed and cooked meat.

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