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Ready Fuel™ - 120 Gel Packs + Stove

$107.00 $265.00

In need of a reliable way to start a campfire? Ready Fuel is your light, inexpensive solution. The clear, odorless, non-toxic gel can be easily ignited and burns at 1,200 degrees for 20 minutes! It is non-explosive and safe to use indoors or outdoors. This Ready Fuel case comes with 120 gel packs – that’s enough fuel to boil 30 gallons of water! (about a 1 month supply of fuel for 1 person) Collapsible Ready Fuel stove included. This extremely versatile fire starter can be used for camping, in-home kitchen use or any survival need. It boils water, cooks food and dries wet clothing. For the casual hiker or weekend camper, Ready Fuel helps keep supplies to a minimum - all you need is a pot, water and matches. The 3 Simple Steps to The Ultimate Utility Flame: 1. Tear open package 2. Gently squeeze out 3. Light flame The Ready Fuel gel comes in a 1.25-ounce foil pouch which burns for up to 20 minutes and will boil the equivalent of 4 cups of water! 4 gel packs are enough to boil 1 gallon of water! The gel packs come in bags of 4. Benefits of Ready Fuel: -30+ Year Shelf Life -Non-combustible and Non-explosive -Does Not Evaporate, Freeze or Melt -Tested and Approved by US Military -Gel Can Be Used on Any Surface -Burns Clean, No Carbon Monoxide -Travel Friendly – No EPA Restrictions -No Clean Up Necessary -Only By-Products Are Carbon Dioxide, Water & Sand -Water-Soluble -Burns at High Elevations

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