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Mayday 2400 Calorie Food Bar

Mayday 2400 Calorie Food Bar

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Flavor Apple,Cinnamon
Brand Mayday
Package Weight 0.68 Kilograms
Age Range (Description) Adult



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Product Description

- Emergency Food - Mayday Food Bars (2400 cal) Finally! Not only a food ration that tastes great, but is also very nutritious. Our 2400 calorie bars are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as well as the Canadian Transport Department and have a five year shelf life. The five year shelf life starts on the date stamped on the package which is based on time of packaging, please allow for up to a year of expired time due to time of storage, shipping, and placed order. The new addition to our family is the 1200 calorie food ration that is great for the one-day meal. All our food rations are baked under strict supervision and all have that great taste of apple cinnamon. (Nutrition Facts). Mayday food rations can be stored outside up to 149 degrees (?F) and can be eaten without preparation.

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