Small Perfect Survival Kit, Earthquake Kit, Commuter Kit for Auto, Home or School

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Food and Water: 6 pouches of Mayday Drinking Water - Lightweight - Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and Transport Canada department. 5 year shelf-life and manufactured date is on each package.

One 2400 Calorie Food Bar – Mayday food bars provide essential energy and nutrition in emergency situations - taste great and have enough energy to sustain an individual for up to three days.

Lasts 5 years and are great for your home, school, vehicle or office. Light and Communication: Mayday "Ready Light" Dynamo Flashlight - Convenient wrist strap for easy carry. Perfect for glove box, night stand, and all emergency kits. Batteries come fully charged and will give hours of use. 12 Hour Emergency Light Sticks last for full 12 hours Emergency Whistle: This plastic whistle includes the lanyard. Convenient heavy duty nylon lanyard. Ideal for emergencies. Tip: Use three sharp bursts to indicate a call for help. Use two bursts to answer a call. Shelter and Warmth.

Emergency Survival Mayday Blanket - Emergency thermal blanket to be used as emergency shelter. Also great for camping, hiking, and surviving the cold outdoors. Body Warmer - This body warmer heat up in just minutes. Emergency Poncho with Hood. Lightweight, compact, reusable, can easily fit in your backpack, glove box, or even your pocket. This adult one size fits all. Perfect for emergency weather protection, rain, mist or wet conditions. Use as a ground cover, window cover, etc.

First Aid: Basic 37 Piece First Aid Kit good for minor emergencies. Bandages, wound cleansing and closure. Treat basic emergency injuries. Others: N-95 Mask Particulate Respirator. Keep dust, dirt and bacteria from entering your mouth, nose and lungs. Prevents germs from getting into you respiratory tract. Easy to use. Dual head strap for optimum fit. Maintenance Free NIOSH Approved. 3 Wet Nap - Used to cleanse face, hands and body without soap or water. Air dries in seconds.
Kits Included:
  • Survival Kit, Earthquake Kit, Commuter Kit for Auto, Home or School, Hurricance, Power-out
  • 2400 Calorie Mayday food bar and 6 pouches of Mayday water
  • Flash light, Light Stick, Emergency Whistle
  • Mayday Survival Blanket, Emergency Poncho, N-95 Mask Particulate Respirator
  • Basic 37 Piece First Aid Kit

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