WSU Creamery Cheese Cheese 30oz can available in multiple Flavors

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  • A rich, white cheddar with a smooth, firm texture.
  • Buy 2 and store one for aging, as it becomes better and better with age!
  • Refrigerate on arrival.

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Our most famous & popular cheese! Winner of several
national and international awards. A rich, white cheddar with a smooth,
firm texture. This unique cheddar has a depth and intensity that most
people have never before experienced. Its creamy, lingering flavor will
leave you wanting for more! Our current stock of Cougar Gold is just over
one year in age. Buy 2 and store one for aging, as it becomes more sharp
and crumbly with age, developing crystals throughout, which can give it
kind of a crunch. NOTE: Age it for 5 years and have an amazing cheese!
DIRECTIONS: Keep Refrigerated. WSU CREAMERY Why cheese in a Can? In the
1930’s, the Creamery became interested in different ways to store cheese.
Cans seemed the best option as plastic packaging materials had not been
invented and wax packaging sometimes cracked, leading to contamination. One
of the cheeses resulting from the research was Cougar Gold. The tradition
lives on. The Mission of the WSU Creamery: We provide teaching and research
opportunities to the university community and to the dairy industry,
exceptional work experience to student employees and financial support to
students and university operations. This will be accomplished by constantly
providing safe dairy products of exceptional quality, with outstanding
customer service!

WSU smoky cheddar

Natural smoke flavoring to our Natural Cheddar and then aged the cheese for at least 12 months to cultivate this award-winning, sharp cheese. A creamy, firm cheese with a distinct, lasting hickory taste. Comes in our famous 30 oz can 

WSU Hot Pepper

Just the right amount of diced jalapeño peppers are added to our Viking cheese to create a soft, creamy, mild impression. A good jalapeño flavor, without the overwhelming heat. Great in omelets!

WSU Dill Garlic

Dill weed, dill seed and mild garlic are added to our Viking for an optimal balance of flavor and appearance. Flecks of green and brown provide bursts of flavor in every bite! Comes in our famous 30 oz can.


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