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Canned Ghee Case

Price: $120.00
SALE PRICE: $110.00
Save: $10.00 (8 %)

on sale
Pure U.S. Canned Ghee / Clarified Butter - six (6) 24 oz cans per case

We have made a great discovery for your long term food storage – clarified butter (Ghee)!! Many of you have probably heard of Ghee before, as it has been touted for years as an excellent long-term storage item in lieu of butter. And most people familiar with trying to can their own butter know that the only way to do it safely at home is to clarify/separate the butter oils from the milk fat and solids – which is what Ghee is.

ong shelf life oils are impossible to come by (tinned olive oil has a shelf life of 12 to 18 months under average conditions – heat, UV and time degrade most oils turning them rancid in a year or two). Using canned butter to cook with is not always the perfect solution for every cooking method (butter will scorch at temperatures lower that most oils), but clarified butter makes the perfect alternative.

Ghee does not need to be refrigerated. In the unopened can, the shelf life is 15 to 20 years. Once opened, it will stay fresh for 10-12 weeks at room temperature if you use the plastic lid, and 12+ months if refrigerated. The ghee will stay fresh for a longer period if you use clean, dry spoons whenever touching the ghee so you don't introduce contaminants or other flavors. 

Ghee is healthier for you than almost all cooking oils. Like any clarified butter, ghee is composed almost entirely of saturated fat. Ghee actually has been shown to reduce serum cholesterol in several US case studies. Recent studies have even revealed that Ghee can actually reduce cholesterol.


Ghee (Clarified Butter) is made from pure butter in in the U.S. under the strictest quality control standards. Ghee is the most common cooking medium used worldwide instead of traditional cooking oils like Olive or Vegetable Oil, and it is actually considered to be healthier thank most oils.

Ghee is made by carefully and diligently by simmering unsalted butter to eliminate the moisture, a process that lightly browns the natural oils giving it an almost nutlike flavor, then heat pasteurizing the purified and strained oil in a sealed can.

Ghee is ideal for sautéing, braising, pan-frying and deep-frying whenever you want a rich butter-infused flavor. It is packed with flavor, and often 1 tablespoon of ghee will work just as well as four tablespoons of any other cooking oil. It is the healthy, all-natural, salt-free, lactose-free alternative to hydrogenated oils that clog arteries.

Most fine restaurants in the U.S. use clarified butter in the cooking process because unlike cooking with whole butter, you can not scorch the milk fat/solids at high temperature because they are already removed from the Ghee.



Fast Food Restaurants and many households may use hydrogenated vegetable oil for economic reasons. This oil actually is more often than not polyunsaturated or monounsaturated partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, a trans fat. Trans fats are increasingly linked to serious chronic health conditions. Not only is vegetable oil implicated in causing high cholesterol, but it also lacks the health-promoting benefits proven in pure Ghee.

Additionally, it can be unhealthy when cooking to heat polyunsaturated oils such as vegetable oils to high temperatures. Doing so creates peroxides and other free radicals. These substances lead to a variety of health problems and diseases. Plus, as an added benefit Ghee has a very high smoke point and doesn't burn or smoke easily during cooking. Because ghee has the more stable saturated bonds (i.e., it lacks double bonds which are easily damaged by heat) it is not as likely to form dangerous free radicals or advanced glycation endproducts when cooking.

Ghee's short chain fatty acids are also metabolized very readily by the body, which would seem to negate concerns of the health effects of a high fat diet. However, there is significant controversy between traditional oils and modern industrially processed oils which tends to heavily cloud the facts and issues surrounding oil consumption.


Ghee is often difficult to find in the US (usually sold only in high-end specialty/ethnic stores), and impossible to find in a sealed can for extended shelf life. Most commercial packaged Ghee available in the US is sold in glass jars, plastic tubs or cans with foil lids – none of which are adequate for an extended shelf life. This Ghee is packed in a sealed can, and because it is heat pasteurized in the sealed can, it is microbiologically safe until the can is opened or the seal is compromised.

Unlike a glass jar, a plastic pouch/tub or even a can with a foil lid, oxygen will not seep into this can over time to spoil your Ghee. The commercial canning process is one of the safest methods of preserving foods for the longest amounts of time. Plus, these cans conveniently come with a plastic lid for ease of resealing the can once you open it.


The ghee will stay fresh for a longer period if you use clean, dry spoons whenever touching the ghee so you don’t introduce contaminants or other flavors.


Note that the cans pictured above are smaller than our 24 oz. cans. There are a total of 48 servings per can rather than 32 servings as shown in the image above.
Product of USA.

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Gail S.:
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As a 15-year veteran of the customer service industry, I have always worked to provide my customers with World Class Service. As a result, I hold the yardstick VERY high when I find myself in the role of befuddled customer. In the 18 hours since I became a customer, Safecastle has gone light years beyond my every expectation. Quick response to my emails, willingness to explore all possible resolutions, and the way they took OWNERSHIP of my issues (no matter how small) have all astounded me. I honestly wish I had found Safecastle sooner, so I could have already told everyone who would listen where they can find truly World Class Service."

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